The Perfect Space for a Tiny Hobby

I’ve gotten into the hobby of growing trees with bonsai. There’s something satisfying about having trees that are smaller than their normal height. It’s amazing the kinds of things you can do with a bonsai tree. Some of them can live in their own little enclosed environment, and some can even produce tiny fruits that are edible. The Treasure at Tampines condo where I live has the perfect environment for my little trees so they can get enough sunlight and air to thrive, and I use a pruning shear to make delicate cuts to the trees.

I started with bonsai after a friend of mine told me about it. He had been watching a documentary on television about plants, and told me that there was some guy on there who was growing bonsai fruit trees. This got me intrigued, because little fruit growing from a tree sounded like something that I wanted to have. To be able to have tiny fruits that would be obtainable from a tiny tree in my condo, so I wouldn’t have to grow a large tree that I would need a ladder to climb sounded great. I looked up some information about how to do bonsai, and the rest was history.

The best thing about growing and pruning these tiny trees is that it’s very relaxing. I can just take my time and trim as much as I think will help the plant to grow while staying small. Right now, I’m working on a tiny apple tree that I expect to grow some fruit any time now. I had to pollinate the tree with a little toothpick to move pollen from one flower to the next. Normally bees would do this, but I didn’t want to have them in my condo flying around and getting in the way.

Author: admin11