If you buy or build a new computer without a qualifying version of Windows already on it, you may not be able to install Windows 7 on it by using the upgrade family pack. TeamVR June 17, Not sure if you could provide a restore CD from your Acer desktop and use it as a qualifying product or not. A quick internet search suggests that this make by MSI is out of production now. If the board is bad u need new board with intel chipset socket , pc case and psu the previous components from acer system will work on this new board. Thanks mickliq, PSU is on my list now. The best deal I have found for a new motherboard is 85GBP.

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Budget Bliss – the MSI P6NGM featuring the MCP73PV chipset

The P6NGM is one of a plethora of mainboards that will soon flood the market — sporting support for the latest Intel processors and Geforce 7 IGPs for better graphics in games and fluid High-Definition content playback. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site.

Any suggestions on how should choose a reliable Chipeet, any brand names. So if my HDD is fine do you think it will all be OK once the motherboard is changed or will I have to format and start all over again.


The wattage of the psu depends mco73pv what demands you’re going to put on it. Over a Week Ago Time Zone: If possible, get the ICH Hi OtheHill, I recently got the Win7 3 licence family upgrade pack. Finally, some serious competition to Intel which predominantly uses their own onboard graphics solutions for nearly all their IGP chipsets!

Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk. Now the interesting fact that you might wanna know, is that its actually equipped with the MCP73PV chipset!

Borrow a PSU and see if that is all that is wrong with your present hardware. TeamVR June 17, Geforce isn’t a v-card it’s called IGP or onboard mdp73pv.

However, to get 3-way SLI Even then, the power supply would still be hit first. Name Email Website Comment Sign me up for mcp7pv newsletter! That means built onto the motherboard. Sign me up for the newsletter!

If u want core i3 or core i5 system u need to build or buy a complete system. Good point about the power supply, my shopping list seems to be getting longer!! That’s an outdated machine. High time I opened up the box and took the damn thing apart!! Does is make technical and financial sense.


So my question is, if I am going to replace the motherboard, could I upgrade to a mco73pv motherboard, chipset and processor like i3 or i5. Installing a different motherboard in an OEM computer and getting the original OS working is a crap shoot.

MCP73PV MS | Gateway Acer R Motherboard

Best to try another PSU. Thanks mickliq, PSU is on my list now. On the one hand I wouldn’t mind a little project repairing this desktop. Sometimes we spend a dollar to save a nickel. Generally speaking you have a better chance if the chip set is the same as the old board. We shall find out later in our Performance Testing!

And if you can find a board that has 4 DIMM slots, even better. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

We can hear the fans and the HDD calibrate but then nothing else. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: Nvidia is stepping up efforts on getting 3-way SLI ready for launch on Nov 12th.