I have also tried Win7 Pro and Win7 Ultimate and they will also install. If it works, you’re welcome if not please let me know. It behaves the same with an IDE drive as well. Hope this helps somebody out there. It has to sit in the unpowered state for about an hour or more to induce its bad behavior. There will be option for utilities with an add drivers button at the bottom. I made sure to disable my SATA drives as boot sources.

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RAID Computer Configuration

But, when I try to boot-up, it says: Hi, Thanks for getting back on this one. See Intel page http: Well, if you don’t have a meter, the next best thing is plain old age. One thing I noticed was when putting XP back on machine in defeat, there was also a boot issue.

RAID 5 without write-back cache.

Intel DPERL Motherboard

I have tweaked just about every setting in the BIOS and that has no effect. By itself with no load whatsoever like in the bubble packagethe lithium battery will still be “good” after ten years.


How many post beeps are you hearing? These numbers aren’t meaningful to optical drives. Sunday, September 2, 5: Just for the record in case somebody else drifts in here via search engine: Now it won’t run more than an hour without BSOD.

I have also tried Win7 Pro and Win7 Ultimate and they will also install. Saturday, February 27, 8: Have also read that BIOS will reset by removing the battery but to what?

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DPERL

The machine was having a hard time booting but would get there after about 2 minutes. When intsl the d865per, in XP it booted fine. All the built-in stuff works in Win7. The biggest thing is that after adjusting the bios, I went from a startup time of about 2 minutes to around 45 sec. Try changing which ports you have your USB devices plugged into, and if possible use the rear ports instead of the ones in the front.

If drives are not the same capacity, then the size will equal that of the smaller drive. Better read Slightly degraded write. Combined capacity of 2 hard drives.

Thursday, October 21, 5: That board doesn’t boot at all now, ihtel it has one obviously bulging capacitor and at least two more that my electronics friend says test as “bad.


Think bad code corrupted download? Nano, your news is encouraging regarding the chipset.

I know somewhere, somebody has had this problem and has fixed it. But I am still using the two P4 computers that I built back in Regardless of whether or not Intel supports these boards, you d865perll run Win7 32 bit on them, if you have enough RAM and a good fast video card.

Intel D865PERL

Right now this is Dperl, pentium4 2. Try a BIOS recovery. I get excellent boot time of 32sec and until recently have had absolutely “NO” hardware issues or software issues. Mushkin calls this board problematic and attributes the memory problems to forced implementation of PAT that is not normally present in I haven’t tried to get RAID to work. One board has P19 and the other P