Alan Logged brf User Posts: The i7 is faster at compilation, but just about everything else that I actually use a computer for, the c beats the i7. Ubuntu gives me a black screen after choosing to run it live. Logged dibl siduction community member Global Moderator User Posts: I’ve had nothing but problems with Linux Mint, which I installed on 2 different machines. Your email address will not be published. I have created a TCP socket whi

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Anyway Kali isn’t bootable or at least I haven’t got it to. While these intrl the top five, there are loads of alternate lightweight Linux distros. I have an asus transformer book with the x5 processor and 4gigs of RAM.

So, the recommendation stays: AntiX is now linus the hard drive, but I can still boot to Elementary and Win10 via the Grub bootloader menu. My c beats my i7 on about half of the tests I tried.

BTW, I have preordered a kickstarter Falcon 8″ computer to see if it operates for on the go computing. In fact, CrunchBang avoids the traditional desktop environment, instead employing a retooled version of the Openbox window manager. Meanwhile, my x display shows a smaller version of the desktop, about x, in the upper left corner. Perhaps even the fbdev driver would work, if I gave it the proper command line arguments.


Intel has excellent atomm for its graphic chips and as long as it is not one of the very newest skylake cpus, it should be working as well as it can. This lends a speedy experience on any device, overcoming slow hard drive read-write speed.

Downloads for Intel® Atom™ Processor D Series

I have been using Cub Linux. If you did there’s no way you would make such an ill informed comment.

If not, you’re OK. March 21st, 2. Try find gma linux driver but I got nothing. Sorry for injecting irrelevant info.

Ubuntu gives me a black screen after choosing to run it live. I used my best google-fu, and all I came up with is this and thisunfortunately. Loading graphic driver for intel atom n processor Inrel already have that driver so there is nothing you can do to change, I’m afraid. April 4th, 8. My problem now is that most of my older, low-powered systems are 32bit architectures and most ztom are dropping support for nonbit. Crunchbang is a minimalist OS built on D200 Linux, but Write a comment Name: Logged wh7qq User Posts: It is likely that a newer version of Ubuntu will work better and I suggest you try an upgrade, or better a clean install of It is slow running the windows 7 starter, so I am going to try deciphering what you said about AntiX.


I found this which may help https: Tags for this Thread drivergmagraphic driverintel.

5 Lightweight Linux Distros Ideal for an Intel Atom Processor PC

Does anyone know how to install this driver? What I am missing is the step that actually gets the driver to be used. The “Display” GUI settings window shows a refresh rate of zero and seems not to be vieo.

Thank you very much! Intel is not a manufacturer you can trust to provide freely usable hardware. March 21st, 1.