During my 11 years in the golf industry I have seen an explosion in golf club counterfeiters. The time now is I contacted Google and after a few days they removed these website. You have got to be joking about golfonlinewholesale. Then there is NO question as to the legitamacy. Do not know what to believe … Find no complaints when I search on the Internet. Have they only got one golf towel or is that Chinese speak for golf towels.

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Nowhere do they mention these are used. You guys sure Hurricanegolf. Most of the rip-off online stores have old inventories Nike platinum or regular-priced golf balls.

Fall colors pre peak. Note that all of these businesses are located within the Continental U.

beautiful: Fake alert! How a driver Taylormade burner rubber spot.

My rake arrived in great shape and I had actually talked to one of the guys at the shop at garagesalegolf before they shipped as I had inquired about a speedier shipment and they called me to try to rush it out I ended up choosing the normal route which still arrived a couple of days faster than I thought it would. Just recieved two woods from golfclubgate. They say the clubs come from a OEM supplier. Read it with a Chinese accent and the broken English, missing words and lack of appropriate use of plurals will become abundandtly clear — even for someone lacking in basic perception like yourself.


Are they fake or not?

So ask yourself where on Earth does it get it golf clubs from? Register for free today!

Fake Taylormade Burner 2.0’s?

The first clue was the sound gaylormade made. I respect and understand legitimate intellectual property protection. But i can hit it quite far…. They all seem to have prices that are low but each seller is top rated with their own eBay store and accept returns. Thats less than cost. Originally Posted by mcook Free shipping threw out the world; discount for Shenzhen resident; send your money now.

Thirdly, they had no contact phone number. R11 driver is currently There is much less control when lets say a company like Taylormade gives its design to a firm overseas compared to one in its own backyard.

Fake golf clubs from Taiwan claiming to be TaylorMade Burner 2.0

Sorry for the inconvenience. I got them from a site called golfollow.

I would say it probably far predates that. When I looked into it a bit more, I realised I was right to panic!


I must point out that I buy stuff from authorized dealers on Ebay such as 3 Balls. Posted June 30, Very bad ones at that. I wonder where oversea is? Do the right thing, go to your local retailer, handle the clubs, hit some balls with them, ask questions, get the right club for you, not copies of the pretty pictures you see on the internet.

The Official Counterfeit Thread – Page 18

They seem to have large supply and positive feedback. The Official Counterfeit Thread.

I just upgraded to the TM Burner 2. I am more worried than you since I live in Malaysia, and anything that is not genuine would cost much more for restitution. If you purchace clubs online just make sure you use paypal.