As we can see in example, voiding operation decrement and relocate content of buffer in ECR and descriptive PLU-s are not saved in buffer. Presentation of used types 3. Parameters could contains also a numeric, or string value if needed. Glossary of used terms B. Programmed price is inactive. Not all cash registers support all commands. Presentation of used types 2.

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Text journal Alphx journal is only a copy of journal tape in ECR. The coefficient is in fact time in which the PC will transmit 1, bytes via the communication port divided by the time necessary to send one bit.

Euro-2000 Alpha Cash Register

Warning There is not possible to code sign in bar-code. File contains journal lines as printed on ECR printer. Presentation of alpa types 3.

It is not possible to sell item with programmed price. System flags for Euro and Euro Binary form of data means data that are not readable by humans. Byte s Meaning type range alphq texts string characters.


Extended flags for Euro Data description for sale and refund for Euro In Comm2A is this separator represented by character ‘;’ semicolon. The following lines “Number of transmitted records” – 1 contains sales data saled items. Table of Contents 3. There is not possible to code sign in bar-code.

Not all cash registers support all commands. Glossary of used terms. Send message for cashier 3. PLU commands for Euro PLU 4 1 OK.

Initialization data content 5. Obtaining information about last sold item in PC-Online mode 4.

EuroM/T/TE Alpha | ELCOM Cash Registers

EuroTE Alpha with enhanced features meets the requirements of outdoor selling – exact evidence appha customers’ transactions paying in cash. Empty place gap at the line means that particular item has no meaning. The application allows to transfer all programmed data, including on-line sales from ECR euuro PC and vice versa, including all reports and other read-only information.

Description of command line parameters. This Free Version software may be freely distributed, provided that: All ECRs have some different parts. Prefix of bar code 00 — 99 2 nd item: Revision History Revision 1.


Electronic cash register Euro T Alpha is convenience choice because of its small dimensions and features comparable with middle-class cash registers.

Data description for Euro and Euro 200t 0 means that communication is disabled. Low first 47 bits are used for unsigned part of number and last bit is used to determine positive clear set to 0 or negative set to 1 value.

Cashier sales report 4. WORD see types definition. See binary description for detailed informations.