The default sound menu only lists the card as stereo duplex, despite being quite capable of surround sound in Windows 7. I want my Ubuntu-Mate back! Nothing has changed in them since we began. I do not have my software sources set to ‘main” as one of the first things I do after a fresh install is tell the system to search for the best mirror in my area. I have released version of the Envy24HT driver.

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The card is supported by the ice ALSA driver.

I want my Ubuntu-Mate back! I know that you know that but I have envy24pt/gt ask! I am only changing what I am being told to do in this thread. Alsa is automatically configured for channels – test this with after If given, use their drivers and install carefully after reading the READ ME.

Please see the first post, I have that information in there towards the bottom. Device ec Kernel driver in multi-chanenl Unfortunately pulse audio still insisted on not seeing the card as anything more powerful than 2. This feature is aimed specifically for monitoring final outputs, and making master copies for budget conscious studios.


Do you have codecs installed?. Release Notes Related Drivers 5. Found a bad link? Via envy24 pci audio driver audio controller: Multimedia audio controller product: Device ec Kernel driver in.

Also, please paste the following command in a terminal and paste the results here please, you will end up with something like mine: Are you suggesting that this may be causing me to not have my sound card configured correctly?

No, leave it off!. I saw that there was an update to the Envy24HT driver via. Envy24pt/bt seems to have worked.

VIA VT1720 Envy24PT sound drivers for Microsoft Windows XP 64bit (4 files)

Makes a huge difference in downloading of updates too! Help us by reporting it.

In the past I ran my sound directly out the onboard sound card which being very basic only offered stereo sound. I do have an onboard audio, some intel thing, really basic which I have disabled in the bios, do you recommend turning it back on? Information about Gentoo not using NVidia’s driver: Integrating a high resolution digital mixer the VIA Envy24 enables up to 20 channels of mixing power.


An y advice in narrowing this down would be appreciated! Motherboard and sound card manufacturers adapt VIA hardware and software in their designs; however, so VIA advises that for the best quality and features, you should obtain the latest driver from your sound card or motherboard vendor.

ESI [email protected] XTe 4-in/4-out PCIe Audio Interface [used] – LinuxMusicians

VIA Vinyl Envy24 controllers: This is this PCI express card: Get tech support here. Integrated support in this driver includes 8 channel outputs stereo expander to experience 2-channel formats using a full 5. What devices are showing in the configuration window of Paman?: I appreciate your patience troubleshooting this between my work hours and sleep.

I tried editing the alsa-base.