Przemek Laskowski posted on July 16, Noah kirsle posted on March 7, I agree with the pause as the first line in the autoexec. I have my old floppies in a frame on the wall no way to install them. Thanks a lot kirsle.

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Just the best download I ever found in the net. I don’t remember if cardfile was one of those, but I would try copying that, cdrlm paint, and other accessories you need to a more modern installation.

If anybody’s looking for software to load up on this for the full effect we have a xdrom library of this over at WinWorld. Nothing has changed, possibly HD corrupted by switching off power abruptly, do you think I can recover data from it or not. James posted on January 15, SYS has a high compatibility rate, so do some other newer drivers that use notably less amounts of memory, and so OAK’s driver is not the good driver to be recommending. Unfortunately it keeps crashing as soon as I start any virtual machine.

[REQUEST] CD/DVD Drive Drivers For MS-Dos 6.22

And by the way, cool website. Ed Fair Give the wrong symptoms, get the wrong solutions. Ok, just did some more searching and found I think the file I used for this from Yamaha’s site:. So I managed to fix reading problem by copying to hard drive and reading from there I have managed to get dos.


Floppy Disk posted on June 22, Michael posted on May 13, For example, Setup will ask for Disk 2, and you stick it in, and then later it will ask for Disk 2 again, at which point you actually need to stick in Disk 3, because for whatever reason some files that are supposed to be on Disk 2 are on Disk 3 instead.

Of course, there were many 16 bit programs that would not run on a 32 bit windows, but you won’t need a virtual box all the time for many apps.

Anonymous posted cdorm February 15, James posted on January 25, This is a very useful site, I had installed DOS on an old and Penll, both have crashed 6.222 now been recycled. BAT file, you will need: Mark Lammas posted on July 20, On this page I have an “unpacked” Windows 3. Posted on Saturday, Sep 03 Funny they’re still called floppies when real floppies disappeared long before these came out. Maybe not a long term solution, but that could help to determine where the stability issue exists.


Setup CD ROM device on DOS – Microsoft: Windows 3 – Tek-Tips

Your system dates from the era when there were often issues with slaving two devices on a single IDE port that weren’t from the same manufacturer and didn’t explicitly support it. In addition, we invite programmers interested in working on the DOS kernel, drivers and software. Anyone remember the old game of Eliza?

Usually it can be disabled by a jumper on the sound card. Its good you got it here for download.

Noah kirsle posted on October 20, Noah kirsle posted on January 19, Thanks for these 3. Can any one tell what would be the problem of having this message and what can we do to resolve the cdrok. I purchased my first computer in late And then mount the floppy.