Getting Help The Braille Blazer comes with a manual in print and on audiocassette. There is no indication of a minimum weight. For interpoint, the setting for the top side should be at the highest, and for the reverse side, it should be three settings below the highest. That a device like a braille printer does not automatically come with a braille manual or even a quick-reference card seems like quite an omission. The item may be a factory second, or a new and unused item with minor defects. In the test, you printed a page of nothing but the letter “A. Privacy Policy Site Map.

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When you enter the configuration menus, the choices available are speech menu, printer menu, sideways printing, serial menu, service menu, and quit to take the Blazer back to being an embosser. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab Postage: Here are the most common situations: A standard computer keyboard can be connected directly to the Porta-Thiel, allowing it to be used as a braille writer of sorts.

Judging from the options in the setup menus, the minimum paper height is 8 inches, and some paper sizes are smaller than braiole characters.

The Porta-Thiel weighs 10 pounds and measures 15 inches wide by 10 inches deep by 4 inches high at its highest point. Here is how we recommend setting up the Braille Blazer for parallel. After many hours of use, I began to develop a feel for how to feed the paper, and this problem became less common. Two knobs, one on each emboser, allow for independent control of the pressure for each side of the page when printing interpoint.


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The rates are rounded to the nearest integer. If you type and press Enter, your text is printed using the U. Start of add to list layer. Sometimes crookedness was easy to determine because the paper crunched up against the plastic guide or was partially protruding at a slant from the back “exit” blazeer.

Braille Blazer Embosser

While it can be easy to slant the paper in such mechanisms so that it will not feed straight, there is a lot of room to work and a flat resting place under the protruding sprocket holes. Desired left margin of 2; left margin setting of 0 on Braille Blazer. View a narrative for Box 1. Blzer were no missing or flatter cells. The braille on the plastic was of equal sharpness and consistency with the braille printed on paper. This tray can be left off without affecting operations.

The buttons are close together, but require a bit of pressure to push and a bit of coordinated pressure to push all three at the same time.

This review will help you decide what limitations you can live with when you decide to buy a portable embosser. The keyboard port is one of the older larger round ports, necessitating an adapter for newer keyboards.


When the printer seemed to be “confused” in this way, the “read” and “form-feed” functions did not advance the paper, leaving no option but to attempt to tear it off. The Braille Blazer uses voice for the dialogue in its configuration menu system.

After tearing it off, the form-feed function reset the top of form, and printing resumed. However, when the document is composed of braille whose cells can include up to 6 dots per cell as in literary braillethe unit will need a greater amount of time for each cell to be embossed.

The unit offers a very small left margin if you attempt to use the full carriage width. Both are compact and portable.

Product Evaluation

Parallel active — press Advance Paper feed: This process is effective, although tedious. It does not offer graphics or sideways printing.

Desired left margin of 2; left margin setting of 2 on Braille Blazer. These printing problems occurred randomly, without changes to parameters. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. We are updating our documentation to reflect more accurately the speed of this high-quality embosser.