The disc was dirty, and with some light scratches, enough in order cause problems to most of the tested drives. The drive’s random seek time is 95ms. Even if the drive wasn’t the fastest one you could buy, it had some unique features that eventually made it very popular among users. The Acer gave the lowest average reading test result The Acer seems to perform reasonably and follows the Ricoh results.

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Hoster and Microstudio

Test ztapi drive using the method below before assuming you can safely use it to import many discs. Compared to the Acer drive, the Ricoh drives are about 53secs faster and the Yamaha E secs faster: The software supplied with the CRWA was: Turn off the Ad Banner. All drive support fully the HS-RW writing standard: The drive needs 53secs more than MP and 35secs more than Yamaha E.

Nero Burning ROM v5. We copied a MB file Phthalocyanine Type 5 Media type: The same principles also apply for the 20x Zone-CLV writing speed. Orders received by 9: The Acer worked without any problems in our simulation tests.


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Acer CRW2010A CD-RW

Acer did supplied us with Acer’s x media, which also worked fine at 20x. The new Acer drive supports 20x writing speed, 10x re-writing and 40x reading speeds, making it directly comparable to Ricoh MP and Yamaha E series.

As we can see, the time differences between the AcerRicoh and Yamaha still remain for both 74 and 80min CDs.

The average writing speeds equals slight faster than a 16x CLV recorder! The produced backup played flawlessly in the following drives: After a suggestion made by the Acer tech support, we connected the drive as SLAVE and most of our problems were solved. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

Acer Media Technology, Inc. More information about text formats. Acer Media Technology, Inc. The drive uses Zone-CLV in order to achieve both 16x and 20x writing speeds.

CD-R/RW Compatibility List

That equals to lower noise but also lower recording speeds. Since the Acer doesn’t support overburning, we reduced our usual burning size, Keyrite – Key Changer. The average writing speed of 20x Zone-CLV writing speed setting is around The package supplied was the retail European version. We used Nero CD Speed 0.


Phthalocyanine Type 5 Media type: Even if the drive wasn’t the fastest one you could buy, it had some unique features that eventually made it very popular among users. For that test, we used PlexTools v1.

We burned the same job with all 4 CDR-W drives: It is equipped with a 2MB Buffer, Anti-vibration System, dust protection design and power saving features. As we can see from the above graphs, the Acer has no problem reading 90min CDs. Sale does not apply to upgrades Coupon Code: